As someone who deal had dealt with anxiety, lack of self love, depression, and may feel stuck sometimes and feel that life is overpowering your goals, ambitions, and happiness. This may be because you do not have an effective growth and healing stategy that is tailored to what you truly want out of life. Well.. I am here to help.

You want to learn some self healing techniques that work? Let's do this!!

The R.E.M.I.X. Formula

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My 1:1 coaching is a lot like my group coaching except, it is only you! We meet multiple times a week and create a growth plan with action steps just for you. We will have check-ins and plan a strategy that allows for you to clearly see the light you are working towards through live journaling, guided meditations, specialized affirmations and more!

1:1 Coaching 

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book a free strategy call

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